Garage Door Sizes and Options

//Garage Door Sizes and Options

Vehicles have changed through the years, growing in size and capability. Garage door sizes have also changed to provide the larger space needed for the average car. Older homes tend to have smaller garage doors that don’t fit the modern definition of ‘standard.’ Of course, modern homes also have a variety of door sizes. Before you buy a new garage door in San Diego, California, you need to consider your options and determine which door fits your garage.

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The Importance of Getting a Garage Door That ‘Fits’

Keep in mind while considering the garage door sizes and options available to you the important purposes your garage door serves. It provides a protective barrier between the outside world and everything that is important to you.

Your garage is an extension of your home and acts as part of a single unit. A drafty garage can keep your home from staying as comfortable as you want it to be during hot or cold weather. The right size residential garage door and a professional installation help ensure your garage door contributes to the comfort of your home.

The most obvious thing your garage does is provide shelter from inclement weather. It lets you stay dry as you enter your home with the touch of a button. Without the right size garage doors, accessing your San Diego home might be difficult or impossible.

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Two Singles vs One Double

Sometimes two-car garages have one large garage door that covers the entire entrance. Others are divided into two separate entrances with a vertical beam in the middle to keep them separate. There’s no real advantage to having two doors other than liking the way it looks. There are also a few downsides. For one, you have to have two separate garage door openers. For another, you may not have enough room for one of those new larger vehicles we talked about.

A single garage door is usually 8-feet wide. With a beam placed squarely in the middle, you aren’t going to bring anything that wide or wider into your garage. On the other hand, a single door that is 16-feet wide gives you all the room you need to bring anything you want inside. Pulling into the garage isn’t a test of skill to see if you can keep all of the side mirrors intact!

Another reason a single door is more efficient is that with two singles, you have double the wear and tear, double the repairs, and double the maintenance. Even if you use one door a lot more than the other, you will probably have to replace both doors at the same time. You don’t want one new door and one that has started to show its age.

The Long and Short of It

A standard height for garage doors is seven feet but you have a number of garage door sizes to choose from in this direction, too. There’s no problem with the average sedan. But if you use a work or recreational vehicle to tow equipment, this standard height might not be enough to accommodate it. If your equipment fits through the garage door you have now, it’s just a matter of measuring the height of your existing garage door. If you’re building a new home, now’s the time to think about what you want to take into your new garage. Make sure you allow for the extra headroom during the framing of the garage.

Thick and Thin

Your options in garage door sizes also include various thicknesses. The most economical choice is a steel garage door that is about 1/8 inch thick. As you might expect, this door also provides the least amount of insulation.

An insulated steel door is made with a ¼ to ½ inch piece of foam insulation inside the thin steel panels. The best insulated and most energy-efficient garage doors are those made with 1 to 1-1/2 inches of foam between two panels. Regardless of how your garage is used, it plays a role in the energy-efficiency of your entire home.

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How to Convert to a Wider Garage Door

Planning the garage doors for a new home is one thing. It’s simply a matter of deciding the style and size of the garage doors before the framing begins. Getting a door to fit an existing home might require a custom order. If your garage door isn’t the same as any of the modern garage door sizes offered, a custom door is made to fit the existing dimensions.

If you aren’t happy with the height and/or width of your existing garage door, it may be worthwhile to consider renovating your garage. The job might be as simple as changing the size of the garage entrance(s) or as extensive as adding footage to the room. It depends on whether you want to create space for more vehicles, larger vehicles, or more space for some other use.

Work with a Professional Garage Door Company in San Diego, California

There is a lot more to consider than garage door sizes when buying new or replacement garage doors. There are also many styles, materials, and features to consider. Price is always a consideration but you should weigh the cost of your doors against the other features when looking for garage doors for sale in San Diego, California.

Most homeowners going through the garage door selection process for the first time feel overwhelmed. Just choosing the best style to go with your home’s architecture is challenging enough. When you invest in a garage door, you want to make the best choice the first time around.

Working with a reputable company that specializes in garage door sales and installations will make a big difference in your satisfaction with your new garage doors. They can not only help you understand the different garage door sizes available, but which features to look for. Once they know what you want to accomplish with your garage door, they can recommend which door will meet your criteria and your budget.

Coastal Garage Doors is a San Diego boutique garage door company with a reputation for excellent customer service and high quality work. Contact us to talk about your unique needs for installing a new garage door. Schedule a no-obligation consultation and quote today!

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