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Garage Door Opener Repair in San Diego

Anyone who has had a garage door opener not work at an inopportune time, knows how frustrating it can be. There are many reasons it may not be functioning properly, it may have to do with the remote, the trolley may be disconnected, the sensors may be misaligned, etc.

If you are in need of San Diego garage door opener repair or need your opener serviced, installed or replaced contact our expert local San Diego garage door repairman today.

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Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

The garage door opener is one of those home appliances that we tend to take for granted. We do not fully appreciate the convenience they provide until we find ourselves needing garage door opener repair. So, why is your garage door malfunctioning? Our experts in all things having to do with San Diego garage doors detail some of the more common explanations for that household issue below.

The Garage Door Opener’s Safety Sensors Are Misaligned

After hitting the switch for your garage door opener, you may see the door move and then come to an abrupt stop. The door may only open partially before the opener stops working. Hitting the switch again may not fix the problem either. This particular problem often pops up because the garage door opener’s safety sensors have become misaligned. You may have hit those safety sensors accidentally, and they are now hampering the performance of your garage door opener.

The Wall Switch for Your Garage Door Opener Is Malfunctioning

The wall switch for your garage door opener will come in handy when you misplace the remote. Unfortunately, that element of the system is also susceptible to malfunctioning. You may press the wall switch and see no movement at all in your garage door. That likely happened because your wall switch is faulty.

Wall switches are not impervious to damage. Prolonged exposure to the elements can damage the switch or its wiring.

The Garage Door Opener’s Circuit Breaker Is Busted

Does it look like no electricity is going to your garage door opener? If so, then the likely explanation for your malfunctioning garage door opener is a busted circuit breaker. The circuit breakers that power garage door openers are prone to malfunction following electrical surges. The elements of your garage door opener can also be dangerous to tinker with. A professional garage door repairman should only handle them.

The Main Drive Gear of Your Garage Door Opener Is Broken

The main drive gear in your garage door opener helps keep that appliance in working order. It is an essential part of that existing system. Oddly, the main drive gear in most garage door openers is plastic. Because of that, it is more susceptible to breaking compared to the other essential components.

There is not much you can do to extend the longevity of the main drive gear. We can only hope that manufacturers start using a more durable material to make the main driver gear, so it stops causing problems.

The Tracks of Your Garage Door Opener Are Clogged with Debris

Those tracks positioned along the sides of your garage door allow it to slide up and down based on your commands. They help facilitate the smooth operation of that entire setup. When the tracks holding your garage door become clogged with dirt and debris, they will not function properly. Instead, they will constantly get in the way of the door’s movements.

It is easy to forget about maintaining those tracks. Unfortunately, the tracks will cause problems if they do not get the needed attention.

The Garage Door Opener’s Trolley Carriage Is Worn Down

Take a close look at your malfunctioning garage door before opening it. Before hitting the switch, fix your eyes on the trolley carriage specifically. Was the trolley carriage moving even though the garage door stayed in place? If it seemed like the trolley carriage was simply running in place without doing anything, it was probably because it has worn down.

Trolley carriages are durable, but even they are not immune from the effects of aging.

The Motor of Your Garage Door Opener Burned Out

A typical garage door opener should remain in working condition for about ten to fifteen years. However, once they age past the ten-year mark, it is common for garage door openers to start experiencing serious problems. We already mentioned that your garage door opener’s trolley carriage is susceptible to aging. Unfortunately, the same thing can happen to the motor.

Following years of usage, the motor will eventually burn out and stop working. Hopefully, you got plenty of mileage out of that motor before it burned out.

Why Does My Garage Door Remote Not Open the Door?

You may have initially thought that you needed garage door repair. However, after using the wall switch, which does not seem to be the case because the garage door is moving fine. In that scenario, the issue could be with your remote. The common issues that affect its performance are listed below.

The Batteries in Your Garage Door Remote Are Depleted

The simplest explanation for your malfunctioning garage door remote is a lack of battery power. It is easy to lose track of the last time you replaced those batteries. You may not immediately suspect that the batteries are bad because of that.

The Garage Door Remote Is Out of Range

Is this the first time you are using the garage door remote? If so, you may not be familiar with its range yet. The remote may not work while you are standing outside your car door, but it could work after you move a few steps closer. After using it for a while, you should become more familiar with the remote’s range.

The Garage Door Opener Needs To Be Reprogrammed

A power outage can mess with your garage door opener. Your garage door opener may reset its settings after a power outage, which could be why your remote control cannot operate it. Reprogramming the garage door opener may be necessary.

Reprogramming may also be necessary for other situations. If you recently lost your garage door remote or revealed the code for the opener to someone you do not know that well, reprogramming it makes a lot of sense.

The Garage Door Remote Is Locked Out

Lastly, your garage door remote may not work because you accidentally locked it out. That might have happened while you were tinkering with the wall switch for your garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Repair Costs

Costs to repair your garage door vary depending on various factors including the type of door and type of opener.

The issues causing the problem could have to do with a wide variety of things such as the opener, the remote, the wiring, and more. That said, on a general level the cost typically falls somewhere between $120 – $350. In some cases if your current opener is too badly damaged it is a good idea to simply consider replacing it.

Replacement Garage Door Openers

We carry an industry leading selection of garage door openers engineered to last and to avoid frustrations, keeping you, the San Diego homeowner in mind and ensures you have a hassle free experience when using your garage door opener. Some of the openers we carry include residential and commercial openers manufactured by Liftmaster.


LiftMaster is the industry leader in Garage Door openers and we carry a full line of all the top and modern models. Choose compact models to save space, reduce noise with quiet operators, utilize horsepower for maximum lifting capacity or plan for power outage and choose an opener with a standby power system.

We offer the latest Liftmaster residential and commercial openers to fit your specific and unique needs. Contact us today to discuss the opener that best suit your needs.

In addition to repair of garage door openers we also offer general garage door service, garage door repair, garage door spring repair, and more.


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Local Garage Door Repairman in San Diego

Do you need garage door opener repair in San Diego? We at Coastal Garage Doors can handle any repair job you have in mind. Contact us today, and we will fix those issues immediately!

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