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Garage Door Services in San Diego

If you’re like most San Diego homeowners, you use your garage door as your main point of entry for your home. Because you use your garage door so frequently, you’ll need to keep up with a consistent garage door service schedule to keep it in perfect working order over the years.

Here’s a look at why garage door maintenance is so important. Take, for example, a small scratch on a metal garage door. While this may not seem like a serious problem at first glance, it could quickly become one if you are not careful. Moisture, dirt and bacteria can get into that scratch, ultimately eroding or rusting the metal.

To maintain the integrity of your garage door, you would now need to replace that panel entirely, which will be much more costly than simply repairing the scratch right away.

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What Services Do Garage Door Companies Offer?

Services typically offered by a San Diego garage door repairman or San Diego garage door company include:

They can also help give you an idea of San Diego garage door prices and help you explore options in relation to your particular situation.

5 Reasons To Maintain Your Garage Door

There are an enormous amount of reasons why it is important to maintain your garage door. A few of the most prominent include:

Improves Convenience

If you are using your garage door as the primary entry point for your home, it can throw a serious wrench in your daily routine if your door isn’t functioning properly. If your garage door isn’t responding to your remote control, for example, you’ll have to park your car in the driveway and enter your home through another door so you can gain access to the garage to open the door from the inside. Then, you’ll have to get back in your car to move it into the garage. When you are leaving your house, you’ll have to repeat the same process all over again in reverse. 

After even just a few days, the amount of extra time you’ll spend doing this will begin to seriously add up. You’ve got a busy life with lots of things to do and people to see. The last thing you want to do is waste time on something that is entirely preventable. Regular garage door servicing can prevent this type of inconvenience from happening to you.

Protects Your Safety

This is likely one of the most important reasons to have your San Diego, CA, garage door maintained on a regular basis. Although you may not realize it, garage doors are extremely heavy. If one falls on you, or worse, your child, it can cause serious injury or even death. If this happened to you, you would likely never forgive yourself, knowing that the accident could easily have been prevented.

Modern garage doors have all kinds of safety features built into them to preserve your safety while using them. Things like laser sights to detect anything blocking the door from closing, pressure sensors to determine if something has gotten lodged under the door and cannot be detected by the lasers, and more. However, all the safety technology in the world won’t help you if it isn’t functioning properly.

In this case, what you don’t know could seriously hurt you. A reliable garage door technician should check all of the safety features at each and every inspection to ensure they are all working as they should, keeping you and your family as safe as possible. 

Prevents Emergencies

Alright, we may have exaggerated a bit on this one. While your garage door not closing may not technically qualify as an emergency, it can still have a major impact on your day. Let’s say you’re getting ready to leave for work in the morning, and you discover that your garage door just will not close, no matter what you do.

Even if you have locked the internal door to your home, you still don’t want to leave the garage open with all of the belongings you have stored in there.

Now, you’re forced to sit at home waiting for a San Diego County technician to show up when you should be at work, an event for your kids or any other engagement you have for the day. Regular garage door maintenance keeps everything running smoothly and minimizes the chances that this will happen to you.

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Of course, unexpected issues can still crop up from time to time, but they are far less likely when your garage door is properly maintained.

Boosts Your Home’s Value

When you are ready to sell your home, you want to show it in the best possible light when prospective buyers start coming around. While a faulty garage door may not necessarily be a deal-breaker for many buyers, they will likely ask that you lower your asking price to accommodate the amount of money, time and hassle they will have to spend on repairing the door. Depending on the extent of the damage to your garage door, this could seriously eat into any profits you might make from the sale of your home.

A better course of action is to keep your garage door working properly on a regular basis. This way, everything will be running smoothly when possible buyers come to have a look. The less work they will have to put into your property, the more likely they will be to buy your house rather than a similar one down the street. A beautiful garage door can even add value to your home.

San Diego Garage Door Company

Here at Coastal Garage Doors, we work with homeowners throughout the San Diego area, helping them to keep their garage doors running at peak performance levels all year long. We will gladly assist you with the general maintenance of your garage door and any emergency repairs that you might need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your first tune-up.

Some of the locations in and around San Diego County which our company serves includes: Encinitas, Alpine, Chula Vista, Escondido, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Carlsbad, and more.