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Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors give nearly any style building a more modern appearance. Many people find the appearance of glass more appealing than classic wood or steel style doors. Glass replaces heavy doors made from wood or metal with a tough and versatile material traditionally used for windows. The result is lighter, brighter, and more inviting. These features, along with superior versatility, make glass garage doors a good choice for residential and commercial applications alike.

Commercial Glass Garage Doors

Glass doors are one way that businesses bring the outdoors inside. Restaurants often take advantage of the doors in place of windows so their customers can dine in fresh air and sunlight. When inclement weather sets in, the garage doors can be closed. Severe weather stays out while diners still enjoy scenic views outside.

Other businesses appreciate the good looks and functionality of glass garage doors, too. Some examples include:

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Fire Stations
  • Showrooms
  • Retail Store Loading Docks
  • Fashion Studios
  • Paint Studios
  • Work Shops
  • Conference Rooms
  • Food Courts
  • Art Galleries

Any setting where you need flexible entrance ways that also offer high visibility, glass garage doors offer a great solution. Coastal Garage Doors not only offers a variety of a href=”/garage-doors-for-sale/” style=”color: #0063a8;” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>garage doors for sale, but we also offer personalized service so you get the design you need for your specific application. We also offer high-quality installation services so that your glass garage doors look and function just the way you want them too.

Residential Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors aren’t just for commercial businesses. The beauty and versatility of the materials make them an attractive addition to homes, too. What better way to transform your garage into an extra room?

Glass garage doors are a great way to make your at-home business visible and inviting to customers. The openness of glass garage doors makes them ideal for things like dog grooming businesses, at-home beauty salons, or car detailing services.

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing energy-efficiency for style, either. Glass doors come in a variety of transparencies and even include insulated glass. We can help you pick out the perfect doors to keep your home space comfortable. Allow as much sunlight and heat in during the day as you want. It also helps keep noise out for a peaceful work or private living space.

Glass garage doors are made with resilient aluminum frames for modern style and low-maintenance durability. Today’s glass doors are constructed for strength and performance. Customization options allow you to match your garage doors to the windows in your home. Are you installing new energy-efficient windows in your home too? Let us help you create the perfect design for a uniform look all around!

Coastal Garage Doors is a boutique garage door company that offers the best products and services for your commercial and residential needs. We don’t leave your home or business until you’re 100% satisfied with our work. Everything matters from the style and quality of the door to the quality of the installation. We take a hands-on approach to ensure your glass garage doors are the perfect complement to your building and your lifestyle or business style.

Contact us today not just if you are looking to buy garage doors, but also if you need a San Diego garage door repairman, garage door repair, garage door spring repair, or general garage door service.

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