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Wood Garage Doors

Your garage door serves a vital purpose but there’s also an aesthetic aspect to the type of door you choose. Wood garage doors offer a combination of beauty, practicality, and versatility. No other type of garage door is more customizable, allowing you to create the perfect focal point for any style of home.

Height, Width, & Thickness

Choosing the right garage door starts with getting the right size. When you call our San Diego garage door company for a free consultation, we’ll determine whether you need a standard sized garage door or one that is custom made.

wood garage doors

Let us explain your many options to help you decide which door is right for you and your home.

Style, Wood Type, & Color

Once you know what size door you’re looking for, you are ready to select the style, color, and the type of wood. Oak is a popular choice but other options include redwood, walnut, cedar, alder, hemlock, and more.

The most affordable wood garage doors are those made from plywood. This thin wood requires insulation to keep cold weather out. Redwood is on the other end of the range. It is more versatile than other types of wood, giving you more style options. Paint or stain it to match your home’s interior. Redwood garage doors have multiple layers to increase durability and create a stronger barrier.

The best wood color for your garage door depends on the materials and colors used for the rest of your home’s exterior. You may want to match the color of your garage door to other features of your home. This results in a more cohesive look that adds to your property’s curb appeal.

Styles & Cost

We have a wide variety of garage doors for sale, tell us about your needs and your budget and we’ll help find the perfect door for your house. Many people prefer classic carriage style doors while others like the looks of standard panel construction. Wood garage doors with built-in windows allow light inside your garage while adding to the appeal of the design. For an even more eye-catching appearance, add decorative hardware to complete the look of your new doors.

On the topic of garage door prices, a number of factors determine the cost of wood garage doors, including:

  • Size of the door
  • Type of wood
  • Workmanship
  • Features affecting the complexity of installation
  • Where you live

You can also expect to spend more on a custom door than a ready-made one.


You can install your new garage door yourself, but we don’t recommend it. Your new door is a part of a complex system that requires everything to line up just right. A professional installation will add value to your new wood door and ensure it does the job for which it was intended.

San Diego Garage Door Services

Coastal Garage Doors is a boutique garage door company offering new door installation, garage door repair and garage door service. We carry wood garage doors from some of the top manufacturers. We’ve built a reputation for excellence for our San Diego garage door repairman services and the products we supply. Let us take a hands-on approach to designing the right wood garage doors for your home and keep your garage door looking and working great for years to come.

We carry a wide variety of Residential garage doors residential garage doors, commercial garage doors and we also offer garage door opener repair, garage door spring repair, and more.

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