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Garage Doors for Sale | Top Five Trends and Considerations

Your garage door takes up much of the front wall space of your home, so you want to choose a door that is as stylish as it is functional in order to maximize the curb appeal of the property.

Let’s take a look at the top five things you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing your garage door, along with the current trends in each category.


The type of garage door you are able to install will depend largely on the configuration of your home and garage. There are four primary styles of garage doors:

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  • Side-Sliding Doors – This is one of the oldest styles for garage doors. These doors slide sideways to open, with the end of the door curving around along the outside of the garage. In some cases, the entire door slides in a single direction, but options are also available that split in the middle, sliding in both directions. This type of door is great for garages that have minimal overhead space in which to put a garage door motor for vertical opening.
  • Side-Hinged Doors – Hinged doors are simple and practical, but they do require ample space to accommodate them as they swing open. Electric and manual versions are available. As with side-sliding doors, side-hinged doors do not require any overhead space for installation.
  • Swing-Up Doors – This style of door was incredibly popular in the past but is less common in modern homes. In this configuration, an overhead motor, coupled with hinges, pulls the door open, swinging it up and out. In order to use this type of garage door, you’ll need to have a bit of overhead space for the door to swing into as it opens, so you won’t be able to use your overhead space for storage.
  • Roll-Up Doors – Roll-up doors are one of the most popular styles these days, thanks to their sleek look and easy operation. Constructed from several slats, these doors slide smoothly upwards, with the slats hinging to accommodate the necessary curve. When the door is fully opened, the slats will lie flat along the ceiling of your garage. As with swing-up doors, you’ll need to keep your overhead space clear to allow the door to open.

You’ll need to take a look at the configuration of your garage and the amount of overhead space that you have available. If space is not an issue, you’ll be able to choose any of the styles described here. The right choice for you will depend on your personal taste and preferences.


Modern garage doors come in a wide range of materials, but some of the most popular are lightweight steel, wood and fiberglass. Steel is renowned for its strength and affordability, but it can be susceptible to dents, which can be difficult to repair.

Wood is a classic garage door material and gives your home an aged, rustic look. However, wood garage doors require a fair bit of maintenance to keep them looking their best, and they can rot when routinely exposed to wet weather.

Fiberglass is lightweight and durable, resisting the corrosive effects of salt water. Unfortunately, though, it can begin to yellow over time and doesn’t provide much in the way of insulation. In addition, it can crack or break in extreme cold.

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You’ll need to think about the climate in your area to determine which material makes the most sense for your garage door. If you live in an area that is especially humid, for example, wood is unlikely to be a good choice. Homes near the ocean will do well with fiberglass doors, as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing in the winter.


Today’s modern garage doors come with a variety of available features. Many doors include windows to allow natural light into your garage, and you have the option of choosing shatterproof or frosted glass, among other choices. Decorations and detailing are other popular options.

Energy-saving, insulated options are also a possibility if you don’t typically park your car in the garage. It is not recommended to park your car in a garage with insulated doors, as they can prevent noxious fumes from being ventilated properly.

However, insulated doors do help to regulate the temperature in your garage and can help you save on heating and cooling costs. If you do select insulated doors, extreme care must be taken when working in the garage, and never leave the engine running with the doors closed.

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Most modern garage doors come equipped with a variety of safety features designed to protect you and your family from harm. Sensors in the path of the door prevent it from closing when something is blocking it, and pressure sensors alert the motor to reverse the door if anything touches it, helping to detect any blockages not seen by the visual sensors.

These are the most common safety features, but there are many more options available to you. The specific safety features that your door has will depend on the manufacturer and model that you choose, so take the time to look at several different brands before making your final decision.


Cost is always a factor when it comes to home improvements, so you’ll need to examine your family’s budget to determine what you can afford. To help you understand garage door prices and in selecting a garage door that meets your needs and budget, prioritize the aspects that are most important to you so that you can focus on your primary concerns first. If you still have room in the budget after satisfying the most important requirements, then you can start looking at various upgrades.

In addition to the price of the garage door itself, you’ll also have to look at the price of the motor and any required accessories. Think about installation services and ongoing maintenance as well. You’ll need to budget for repairs over the years, and more expensive garage doors will typically be more expensive to repair in the long run.

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