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Garage Door Repair Services

A garage door that isn’t working properly or at all is never something you should put on the back burner. The last thing you want to do is put off your San Diego garage door repair or restoration until it is convenient for the garage door company to make a service call.

That’s why whether it’s a garage door spring repair, a garage door opener repair, drum roller repair, or another issue, choosing the right company with experience for the job is so important.

Another is getting experienced service from a technician who knows the right way to fix your door. That’s why our San Diego garage door repair company offers same day service so you don’t have to put the security of your home and your comfort on hold.

garage door repair in san diego

Residential Garage Doors

No matter what it is, perhaps your garage door isn’t working properly or it won’t move at all, our experienced garage door repairman will evaluate the problem and make the necessary repair to your garage door in the shortest possible time. Some of the common types of repairs we make include:

  • Broken Springs – Most garage doors today have a spring on each side of the door that lifts and lowers the heavy weight. Over time, springs wear, become damaged, and often break. We offer torsion spring repair and can repair your damaged or broken door springs safely and quickly.
  • Garage Door Openers – Sometimes the automatic garage door opener is the cause of garage door failure. When your remote stops working effectively, give us a call. We have the skills and expertise to repair garage door openers of almost any brand.
  • Garage Door Drums & Rollers – The failure of your door could be due to loose or damaged door drums or rollers. The cable works with the drums to lift the door. If the cable slips off, the door won’t lift. Often, a part is bent. If these parts need to be replaced, we will take care of it!
  • Garage Door Off-Track – Your garage door sits on tracks that allow it to move smoothly up and down. If something causes it to come out of alignment, it may stop working or cause additional damage to the door. The sooner you give us a call for San Diego garage door services, the less damage you will do to your door.
  • Damaged Garage Door Panels – The front panels of the garage door have a greater risk of damage from wear and tear, vandalism, or exposure to the elements. If you aren’t ready to install a new garage door, we can simply replace the damaged panel so your garage door works and looks like new again.

Of course, every situation isn’t one that requires emergency service. Providing your garage door with regular maintenance will help keep it in working condition and prevent unexpected situations. Some regular maintenance you can do yourself includes:

  • Checking the springs for gaps or other signs of damage
  • Check the door for balance and adjust if necessary
  • Tighten and adjust truss rods
  • Look at jambs for splitting or marks that indicate rubbing of the hardware and door
  • Look at chains for welded links
  • Lubricate the springs and any other moving parts
  • Check the tracks for misalignment
  • Tighten all fasteners on both the garage door and the opener

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of doing DIY maintenance, then call the experienced technicians at Coastal Garage Doors. Most people find it surprising the workings of their garage doors are so complex. Working with a damaged garage door is also dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors require an even higher level of knowledge to provide efficient repairs. Most commercial garage doors are larger and significantly heavier than residential ones. Most are also built to endure more rigorous use and withstand more of the wear and tear that comes from frequent opening and closing.

Although commercial garage doors are built tough, any door will eventually become damaged and/or break. Depending on its location, this could mean a minor inconvenience or a complete stop to business as usual.

The time that your commercial door isn’t working can cost you time and money. You need a reliable garage door service to fix the problem and get the door working again. Coastal Garage Doors is a San Diego, CA, commercial garage door company with the experience and fast response time you want for your business. Whether you need a new door, expert installation, or commercial garage repair, we will help you make the right choice for your needs.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Some signs you need a garage door repair are obvious. If getting the door to lift or lower is a battle, the door could stop working altogether at any time. You can almost count on it happening at the worst possible time. Imagine if you are already running late for an appointment or getting to work. Suddenly, the door refuses to lift. A damaged or broken garage door is also a security risk. Thieves are always on the hunt for a home they can easily access.

If you spot any signs of wear and tear or damage to your garage door, that’s the time to call for a repair. If it doesn’t lift evenly or you hear any loud noises, these are signs that something needs to be fixed right away.

For more information, tips on what to do, and troubleshooting why your door may not be opening see these two expert resources: garage door won’t open and garage door troubleshooting guide.

Don’t Wait! Call an Experienced Repairman Today!

Sometimes a homeowner or business owner in San Diego County puts off calling for service on their garage door simply because it still works. Maybe they don’t have a lot of spare cash to cover the cost of an expensive repair. In many cases, the longer you wait to have the problem fixed, the more damage and expense you will have to deal with.

Coastal Garage Doors

Coastal Garage Doors is always just a phone call away. We offer same day service and give a free estimate with an honest quote. We can repair any brand of garage door on the market, regardless of the type of repair it needs. We understand the important function your garage door serves and the frustration and inconvenience it causes when it breaks down.

You can always count on us to work quickly to get your garage door functioning again so you can get back to business or to life as usual.

Some of the locations in and around San Diego County which we serve includes: Encinitas, Alpine, Chula Vista, Escondido, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Carlsbad, and more.

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