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Garage Door Repair Services in San Diego

A busted garage door puts your property at great risk. San Diego residents facing that problem should remedy it immediately by enlisting the help of a garage door technician. A San Diego Garage door repairman can provide numerous useful services.

Those services include garage door repair, garage door opener repair, parts replacement, garage door spring repair, garage door reinforcement, and new garage door installation.

Learn more about the services those professionals provide and how they can help you out with anything and everything related to garage doors.

garage door repairman in san diego

Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

A garage door can be a long-term fixture of your home, but it will not last forever. When your garage door shows signs of damage, it is crucial to determine its extent and cause. Understanding the nature of the issue plaguing your garage door will help you determine if repairing or replacing it will be more appropriate.

In this section, we will highlight important factors for you to consider when deciding between garage door replacement and repair. Keep them in mind the next time your garage door starts acting up and you need San Diego, CA garage door service.

The Extent of the Damage

When choosing between garage door repair and replacement, you must only decide after evaluating the damage’s extent. Forms of damage, such as small panel dents or broken weather seals, are not too problematic. After addressing those issues, the garage door will show no lasting signs of damage. In addition, the garage door may still work fine even with those issues present.

Repairs will also suffice for garage doors that have busted components. Try to replace the damaged part first before removing the garage door altogether. Issues, including cracked garage door panels and badly damaged tracks, require more drastic action. The garage door may be structurally and operationally compromised at that point, so replacing it will be necessary.

The Age of Your Garage Door

Next, you need to consider the age of your garage door when deciding between repair and replacement. Most garage doors will remain in usable condition for around thirty years. However, once your garage door starts approaching that age, you should seriously consider replacing it.

You should also consider replacing a garage door as soon as it shows obvious signs of aging. Those signs of aging include rust, sagging, and operation issues.

The Cost of Repairing Your Garage Door

Another factor you should weigh while contemplating your options is the cost of repairing your garage door. If the repair cost is close to the cost of full replacement, opting for the latter may be the move. Then, you can install a new door for a few more dollars and expect it to protect for decades. Consult with your garage door technician to determine repair and replacement costs. Then, only decide once you know those numbers.

Common Issues Which Garage Doors Have

For this next section, we want to focus on the issues that commonly plague garage doors. We will highlight the causes of those issues, and discuss potential solutions you can try.

Your Garage Door Is Opening Slowly

At the end of a long workday, you want to rest as much as possible. But, unfortunately, your slowly opening garage door may get in the way of that.
More often than not, a slowly opening door is the byproduct of poor lubrication. You should lubricate the moving parts of garage doors every six months to keep them in proper working order.

If you have not performed that crucial maintenance task for a while, then you should not be surprised to see your garage door move like that.

Your Garage Door Is Lopsided while Opening

Some garage doors may also move unevenly as they open. This problem often manifests due to issues affecting the garage door’s tracks. Bits of debris caught in the tracks can prevent the garage door from moving as intended. You will need to clean those tracks to resolve this problem.

In rare cases, a lopsided garage door could also be related to a broken spring. Per HGTV, garage door springs typically last for about fourteen years. Therefore, you are more likely to experience this issue if your garage door springs are close to that age. If they are around that age you may need to look into garage door torsion spring repair.

Your Garage Door Only Opens Partially

Even after hitting the button on your garage door remote, you may notice the door is not open completely; this is because the last part of your garage door may have yet to retract into its intended spot. This kind of issue can pop up due to dirty sensors. Ensure those sensors are clean so they can operate your garage door properly.

Your Garage Door Is Not Moving at All

There is also a chance that your garage door will not move at all when you go to open it. Hopefully, the issue is only related to the garage door remote. However, the remote may have run out of batteries, so you must replace them if you wish to use your garage door again.

If replacing the batteries of your remote did nothing to resolve the problem, then that is probably because the issue is with your garage door opener. Different garage door opener components, including their motor and power supply, are susceptible to damage over time. Pay for garage door opener repair to resolve that issue as quickly as possible, or your vehicle will be exposed to the elements.

Your Garage Door Is Moving on Its Own

Issues with the garage door opener can also cause your door to move independently. You may find the door opening or closing without touching the remote. Faulty wiring can cause garage doors to move that way. If the issue is not related to faulty wiring, then there may be a stuck button causing it.

Your Garage Door Is Producing Loud Noises

Although your garage door is opening and closing consistently, it may be doing so while producing loud noises. It is important to note that garage doors are not supposed to cause a racket whenever they are in use. Your noisy garage door is not normal, and you need to fix it. There are several issues that could be causing those loud noises.

It could be a damaged cable or spring. It could also be a relatively easy issue to fix, such as a loose bolt somewhere. Garage doors also tend to be loud when they are not appropriately lubricated.

Do I Need a Repairman, or Can I Fix My Garage Door Myself?

Should you pay for garage door service, or can you handle the problem yourself? That is the question that many homeowners frequently struggle with. On the one hand, it is a good idea to entrust something as important as that to a professional garage door repairman. But, on the other hand, it is natural for us to try and avoid spending whenever we can.

Generally speaking, homeowners can handle garage door repair tasks, including tightening nuts, bolts, and screws, removing dents, and replacing weather seals. Homeowners can also clear the tracks themselves and remove obstructions near the sensors. If your garage door needs to be lubricated, you can take on that job too. For every other repair job, you should leave it to a professional.

Avoid tinkering with wiring or replacing parts because those jobs can be dangerous. You could end up badly hurt if you fiddle with the wrong wire or move a component incorrectly. Stay safe by hiring a professional to administer the necessary repairs.

Garage Door Services We Offer

We at Coastal Garage Doors take on all jobs related to garage doors. So, no matter what kind of repair or replacement job you need, we can get it done.
Continue with this section to learn more about the services we provide.

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are durable, but they are not impervious to damage. Over the years, the door’s panels may wear down after constant exposure to the elements. An especially windy storm could also fling debris at your garage door and clog its tracks in the process. Problems affecting the nuts and bolts of your garage door may also emerge once they start to rust over.

Do not delay getting the necessary garage door repair in San Diego County. Instead, work with us at Coastal Garage Doors, and we will get your garage door back in working order as soon as possible.

Garage Door Opener Repair

The opener attached to your garage door may experience a wide range of issues. For example, electrical issues could prevent your garage door from opening and closing, while damaged sensors may cause that part of your home to move erratically. Improper installation can also affect how a garage door opener functions.

You may want to examine the garage door opener yourself, but it is important to acknowledge how dangerous that can be. Garage door openers are surprisingly complex systems; you could permanently ruin yours if you tinker with them recklessly. Leave garage door opener repair to the pros to be handled properly.

Garage Door Spring Repair

A garage door spring can double as a dangerous projectile when handled without proper care. Make a mistake while adjusting the spring, which could hit you with great force. Attempting DIY garage door spring repair is simply not a good idea. Instead, let the specialist handle that and keep yourself safe.

Stuck Garage Door Repair

Garage doors can get stuck because of poor maintenance. If you do not regularly clean the tracks of your door, debris will accumulate along those openings. They will eventually prevent your door from closing or opening all the way. That part of your garage may get stuck if the opener tasked with controlling it is malfunctioning. You will need to enlist the help of a professional if you want your door to move freely again.

Garage Door Replacement

You should replace old and heavily damaged garage doors. However, do not wait too long to replace your old door, or else your car may pay the ultimate price for your procrastination. Let us at Coastal Garage Doors handle that job, and we will get the replacement ready in no time.

Garage Doors for Sale

Are you looking to replace your aging garage door? Whether you are looking for residential garage doors, or commercial garage doors, we have you covered. Now is a fantastic opportunity to refresh the look of your garage. Select a new style for your replacement garage door or opt for a different material makeup. You can also attach new features to the replacement door to make your San Diego home more energy efficient.

We at Coastal Garage Doors have you covered regardless of what garage door you want. Browse our wide selection of garage doors for sale and choose the option that suits your tastes best. Contact us for information on research garage door prices.

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

On average, homeowners in the United States can expect to spend around $250 on professional garage door repair. Of course, several factors can cause that price point to change. For instance, removing a dent in your garage door is pretty affordable. That type of repair job should cost about $150.

Replacing a damaged garage door panel is considerably more expensive. Even on the low end, that specific repair costs homeowners close to $400. If the panel is made of expensive material and your garage door has a unique design, replacing that damaged part may cost closer to $1,500.

The cost of replacing a garage door’s damaged components will depend on which specific part is busted. For example, replacing cables or rollers may cost about $20 to $50. Getting a new garage door spring is considerably more expensive. The cost of purchasing a new spring and installation is around $200.

Garage Door Company in San Diego

Here at our San Diego garage door company, we can oversee any job related to garage door repair or replacement. Feel free to contact us as soon as any issue affects the doors of your garage at your San Diego home. With our level of expertise, we can administer the necessary repairs in no time.

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