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Garage Door Spring Repair

Replacing the springs in your garage door might sound like a simple task, but there are some compelling reasons you should leave garage door spring repair to the pros.

Failing to do the job correctly might result in damage to other parts of your door. What’s worse, a do-it-yourself repair puts you at risk of serious injury.

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Why Garage Door Springs Break

Garage door spring breaks aren’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Wear-and-tear from everyday use causes them to break over time. When this happens depends on the cycle rating for your garage door (the number of lifts and lowers) and how often you use it.

Most modern garage doors rely on torsion springs to provide the cables with the force needed to lift and lower the door. A two-spring system provides better balance of the door during lifting and lowering. It also allows the remaining spring to do the work when one of the springs breaks. Although a single, lightweight garage door might require only one torsion spring, larger doors often need two, three, or more as they increase in size and weight.

Torsion springs are made from heavy gauge metal that is twisted to create force in the opposite direction as that of the coil. The torsion springs in a garage door work in much the same way as an old-fashioned mousetrap. When a mouse triggers the spring mechanism, there’s a loud “pop” as the metal bar is forcefully released.

Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Spring Repair

The torsion springs in a garage door are larger, heavier, and carry huge amounts of force. The sound they make when the spring breaks is similar to that of a gunshot. Even if you hear the sound and don’t recognize its source, you’ll soon experience other signs of the broken spring. These include a heavy door that is difficult to impossible to lift and problems with the door opener.

If your automatic door opener begins making more noise when you use it, or if it just isn’t working as well as it usually does, don’t disconnect it from the door. Pulling the red emergency release handle can cause the door to crash down. You don’t want to leave the door open either. It provides easy entry into your home and puts others who don’t know about the damage at risk.

The safest approach is to carefully close the door manually, getting help with the weight if needed. Once the door is safely lowered, call the experts for a safe and dependable garage door spring repair. This makes the door safer for everyone in the area, and puts the door in position for the repair.

One reason you should never do the garage door spring repair yourself comes from the positioning of the door and the cables. To access the torsion springs at the top of the door, it must be in the closed position. This puts the brunt of the pressure on the spring. Simply loosening the anchor bolt that holds the spring in place can release all of the energy from the spring and send it in your direction.

It is essential to keep in mind that torsion springs are part of a system. Many homeowners have realized too late that the springs, winding drum, and cables work together. Trying to repair the springs puts you at risk of being injured by any of the other attached parts.

If you recognize any of the signs of a broken garage door spring, contact Coastal Garage Doors right away. We have the experience and equipment to make the garage door spring repair you need to get your garage door back in working order.