How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage?

//How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage?

The cost to build a garage is a worthy investment because it increases your San Diego home value, offers vehicle protection against environmental elements, and provides additional storage space. It can even serve as a workshop for you. However, adding a garage is no mean feat as it can be quite expensive.

What you spend will depend on the size, complexity of the job, the finishing touches, and where you want to put the garage. The cost will increase if you want to make it insulated, add a cabinet, and other additional embellishments.

Thus, the cost to build a garage has a pretty big range, from $16,747 to $38,926. Notably, the average expense to build one is $27,774. Thus, if you intend to build a simple garage without fancy upgrades, you can expect to spend around $40 to $70 per square footage.

If you need more information, keep reading as we explore the different factors influencing the price. With the right information, you can identify the garage design and price that suits your needs. Let’s get started.

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Factors That Affect the Price of Building a Garage

Many factors come into play if you want to build a garage. Things like garage doors, windows, insulation, shelving, and other details can increase the price. Thus, it is best to know what these are so you can manage your expectations when asking for a quote. Knowing the figures to work with means you can get a rough estimate and make proper plans for building your dream garage.

The Garage Size and Number of Doors

No matter what construction project you engage in, size is the primary determinant of cost. After all, the bigger it is, the more materials and labor are required to finish it. Therefore, a simple, one-car garage that is attached to your main house is the cheapest option. This can cost around $10,500 to $27,000, measuring 240 to 384 square feet.

Another popular alternative is a 2.5-car garage. As the name suggests, it can accommodate two cars with a small space that can serve as your workshop or storage space. This typically measures 520 to 744 square feet, costing around $20,800 to $52,000.

Necessary Building Permit

Remember, you cannot build a garage because you feel like it. You must follow local building codes and comply with regulations regarding garage structures. On top of that, there is usually a final inspection when everything is complete.

Thus, before you build, your contractor will apply for a building permit. The price for this varies depending on where you live. It can cost from $200 to $1,500. In addition, if you live in a gated community, certain homeowner’s associations have fees they levy on new constructions.

Building the Foundation

Every well-built garage stands on a rock-solid foundation. If you do not pay attention to this, your new garage will crumble immediately. Thus, your new project’s foundation will also eat a significant portion of the overall cost. In addition, the pad or slab size will influence the price. You can expect to fork out $1,500 to $8,500 total cost. This boils down to about $140 per cubic yard.

Labor Costs

Building a garage is a huge job. Hence, you can expect laborers, masons, painters, electricians, roofing contractors, etc., to come. They need to lay out everything from the foundation to the finishing touches. Hence, a huge percentage, around 50 to 70% of the total cost of your expenses, will go to labor costs.

Garage Roof

The garage roof is another major investment as it can last for 20 to 40 years, depending on your chosen roofing materials. The most common material is asphalt shingles because it is the most affordable and handles the environmental elements. The roofing price has a wide range because it depends on the following:

  • Roof size
  • Brand
  • Material
  • Added features like skylights

The typical average for roofing parts ranges from $1,000 to $10,000. In addition, you will add around $600 to $6,000 more labor. Depending on the contractor, they may quote the price per 100 square feet or per square foot depending on the supplier.

Garage Windows

Windows look lovely and can add to the curbside appeal by complementing the theme of the rest of your house. They also provide natural light, which can uplift your mood. However, window treatments can amplify the cost.

Notably, your initial garage quote will not include windows, so if you want them, let your contractor know. The cost to build windows into your garage can range between $200 to $1,300. As for the final price, it will depend on the type of the window, size, and number of windows.

Insulation for a Wooden Garage

You can add blow-in, spray-in, or batting insulation if you choose a wooden garage. (This is not applicable for metal or brick garages.) Having insulation makes your garage comfortable even during inclement weather. It will allow you to use the space and maintain a good ambient temperature when it is winter. You will pay around 50 cents to $2 per square foot if you go for insulation.

Install Gutters

You must install gutters on your new garage project to protect your investment from potential water damage. You can choose from the following materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Remember, select the best material that goes with your garage design. Then, your contractor will position the downspouts accordingly to ensure no water pools near the foundation. The average costs of installing gutters are between $4 and $8 for each linear foot.

Frame and Door

Unlike a plain carport, garages possess four enclosed walls. For this reason, you must include framing on the list of expenses so you can include a beautiful garage door that matches the rest of your house. If you are not using a garage metal kit, the framing costs $1 to $ per square foot. You will also pay an additional $4 to $8 for the labor per square foot. Overall, you can choose a simple door or a high-tech security one with elegant embellishments. The cost can be from the mid-hundred dollars to thousands.

Electrical Wiring System

You will need electricity for your garage to keep it functional. It is a necessary expense that you cannot skimp on because faulty wiring can lead to fires. After all, you need to plug in your garage door opener system, automated doors, lights, and other gadgets. In addition, you need to follow building codes for this project and expect to pay $6 to $10 per square foot.

Attached Versus Detached Garage

The average cost mentioned above of $40 to $70 still applies no matter the garage type. However, an attached garage will cost 15% less than a detached version. The reason for this is you save on wall space with an attached garage. On top of that, you can leverage the existing electrical wiring, making the job easier and less complicated to finish.

Potential Added Costs to Garage Projects

Once you have gotten the basic garage structure done, you may want to incorporate additional features that offer form and functionality. Stylish features improve the aesthetic value and provide comfort. For instance, installing an automatic garage door proffers utmost convenience. You will find many different door styles that suit your preference and budget.

Moreover, you can add options like an HVAC system or even plumbing so you can have a sink in your garage. Other things you may include are benches, cabinets, and the like. Look at their potential cost below:

Garage Door Opener

Your garage door can either be manual or automatic. The latter needs an automatic door opener which certainly proffers long-term value if you want to sell. Most of all, it provides convenience, so you do not need to run outside when it is raining or cold. A garage door opener needs to be installed properly and hooked up to your electrical system. You can expect to pay a professional garage door specialist around $247 to $487 for the opener.

Accessories and Upgrades

If you have a hobby that necessitates using lots of tools, you will appreciate extra garage space. This means having an enclosed environment where you can do your projects. You may consider installing an HVAC system for climate control. This costs $700 to $1,500. Additional plumbing will cost $600 to $1,600 per plumbing fixture that you incorporate. You can also add a workbench which will cost at least $375. Meanwhile, installing built-in cabinetry can cost from $1,000 plus. You can also buy pre-made cabinets, fridges, and the like.

Finishing Touches

If you want to save money, you can leave the interior as “bare bones.” This means you can opt not to include paint, electricity, shingles, or even a door. Finishing your garage with interior drywall and paint will set you back $30 per square yard and $1.50 per square foot, respectively.

The Different Garage Types

The most popular option is a 2 or 3-car garage attached. However, some people only need one or an extra-large detached one for the RV. Your lifestyle will determine what kind of garage space you need.

As mentioned above, using an existing wall for an attached garage will minimize the cost. The price can double or triple for a detached garage. Moreover, increasing the number of cars the garage can accommodate will increase the price as it also directly increases the square footage.

You may find prefabricated garage kits to be more cost-effective. However, metal prefabs are commonly not permitted by a Homeowners Associations because they do not look visually appealing. As such, they can be an eyesore and bring down the value of nearby properties.

Saving Tips to Minimize the Cost of Building

Though building a garage will be expensive, you can still save your hard-earned money. Most of the money-saving opportunities require proper planning. Consider the following suggestions so you can save on the cost to build a garage:

1. Let Go of Fancy Accessories

Windows and skylights add so much to the final cost. After all, making the window frame takes time, and it also costs so much. Glass is also a pricey raw material. If you want light, you can rely on smart energy-saving lamps that will not cost much to operate.

2. Choose The Best Size

Work with the size you need. If you only have two cars, do away with an extra-large 4-car garage. This means you will not use the space, but you will pay for the materials to build it. The unnecessary space will only compel you to hoard stuff, keeping your house clutter and disorganized.

3. Do Away with Heating and Plumbing

Do you spend a lot of time in your garage to justify insulated walls and an HVAC system? Though they sound like nice touches, they will inflate the price quote. The same goes for plumbing because you have a nearby sink or bathroom in the main house.

4. Skip Custom Cabinets

Anything that is customized jacks up the price. To cut down on labor fees and expensive materials, you can buy prefab cabinets and shelves. You can also DIY your own and install it yourself when you have the time.

5. Go Bare-Bones

The most important part of the garage is the basic structure. However, once you have asked the contractor to get it done, you can save tons of money by doing the finishing touches yourselves. After all, it is easy to sand and applies garage paint. Check out this helpful article to help you select the best paint for your garage walls.

6. Select Simple Roofing

If you are on a tight budget, asphalt roofing is your best bet. Do away with metal or tile roofs because these are more expensive. Besides, even though asphalt roofing is common, you will find many designs and colors to choose from.

7. Build During Off-Peak Season

Depending on where you live, it is possible to find better rates during the cooler months. Avoid the peak renovation and building season when companies are busy. Instead, shop around and speak to several contractors to find the best one. Ask them for advice on how to reduce the costs by adjusting your design and materials.

Finding a professional you can trust is vital to the smooth flow and success of your garage project. Call our team at Coastal Garage Doors if you need assistance on finishing your project with the best door designs and styles. We have been serving this niche for decades, and our many clients vouch for our exemplary craftsmanship and customer service.

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