How to Heat a Garage

//How to Heat a Garage

Even when the weather outside is frightful with frigid temperatures, it does not equate to stopping your hobbies and DIY activities. It only means bringing the materials and work in an enclosed space, so heating a garage will be your priority. This is where you can continue your outdoor projects when it is too cold.

It does not make sense to do things outside in wintertime since you can suffer from frostbite. Instead, you can heat a garage safely, allowing you to extend your outdoor space.

As a result, you can enjoy certain activities that you cannot do inside the house. If you need help, consider these heating ideas that allow you to use your garage comfortably.

Start by Assessing How Much Heat You Need

Before you embark on this project, assess what you need to prepare and ask yourself how to heat your garage during the peak of winter. Evaluate the following:

  • How cold it gets in your home?
  • How much square footage you have?
  • What insulation is currently in your garage?

Take accurate measurements of your existing space because this determines how much heat you need. After measuring and figuring out the other details, you can prep your garage to get it warm enough. You may need to shop for a few things based on your heating needs.

Prep the Garage for More Insulation

Before you spend a huge amount of money on a heating system, you must ascertain that your garage area has sufficient insulation. If possible, contact your supplier to find out if you can insulate the garage doors.

You also must think about putting more padding on the walls and ceilings to ensure heat does not escape. Buy an insulating roll and staple it yourself on the walls and ceilings.

Additionally, you can add clear plastic film on top of your windows for more protection against the cool arctic winds. This plastic material is inexpensive and easy to put on.

Do not buy a heating system unless you get this part covered. You will waste all that warm air as it will escape and seep out of the crevices. On top of that, you will spend a huge sum of money on your energy bills yet still be cold.

Try Setting Up a Forced-Air Unit

If your frigid garage is bothersome, invest in a forced-air heating unit. You can find the appropriate size that can heat your space. Fortunately, this affordable gadget comes in a broad range of brands and prices.

Best of all, it is not as expensive as an infrared heat unit that can blow a hole in your wallet. You must weigh the following issues before buying it:

  • How big must the heater be to provide ample heat?
  • What kind of work do you do in your garage?
  • Do you have a propane or gas line there?

Keep in mind, forced-air heating sources function by blasting hot air into your garage. Thus, if you do a lot of woodworking, it can make all the debris and dirt fly. This could be a terrible pitfall if you have allergies, as reminded by the ACAAI or American College of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology.

Additionally, flying sawdust and debris can adversely impact your projects, especially if you are on the painting and finishing stage. It is also quite noisy, so if you are sensitive to that, this will not work for you. Finally, if you do not have a gas line, you need to call a professional to have your unit safely tied into that line.

Incorporate a Convection Heater

Thanks to modern technology, this convection heater offers another clever solution for heating your garage. Some say this is the best space heater for garages because they function well. Air convection currents circulate through your device and across the heating element, thereby effectively heating the air surrounding you.

Best of all, it can heat the air fast, especially if you have a fairly large size with a good internal structure. When buying your device, factor this into consideration. Usually, cheaper models will take longer to heat the room.

If your garage gets extremely cold, investing in a more powerful convection heating system is best. Your unit can be powered in three ways:

  • Electricity
  • Propane
  • Natural gas

Choose whatever is the most convenient for your garage. The main point here is your comfort and convenience.

Go for a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

This system is highly versatile because it has the power to heat or cool your garage with a single unit. Some people refer to this as: split-ductless, multi-split, or split system. Because they have a dual function, you get the versatility of use.

Moreover, they are energy efficient, assuring you save on your monthly electric bills. Ductless systems meet energy-efficient guidelines, so they offer the most environment-friendly solutions because you make less energy and carbon footprints. Most of all, these are cheaper and so much easier to install than HVAC systems with ducts and vents.

Work with an In-Floor Heating Solution

Warm floors have been popular for the bathroom for a while now. However, some clever DIY hackers have shown that they can also heat your garage floors. If you have a handyman slash mechanic living within you, this in-floor heater is a perfect solution.

Should you find yourself flat on your back working on your car, this specialty heated flooring is a lifesaver. Even if you are only standing working on whatever project, this will surely keep your toes all warm and toasty. It will certainly complement well with another heat source, giving you the perfect climate-controlled environment.

If you are a crafty person, you can install the PEX tubing yourself. You can set this up all over your flooring, and warm water goes through it. It will release heat, adding warmth to the floor and all over your garage. You do not need a boiler for this, and a conventional water heater is enough.

With this system, you can keep the primary heat source like a space heater at a lower level. Also, this project will not break the bank. Materials for this DIY heat in-floor heating costs around $3 per square foot. Working with a pro can double or triple the price.

Install a Propane Heater

It is understandable why you want a comfy garage in winter. After all, you need a comfy place where you can tinker with your stuff. As you search for heating sources, you will come across a lot of propane options.

Propane gas is a cost-efficient heating source that delivers sufficient warmth. Best of all, you can select the right size that suits your needs as this comes with a broad range of designs. This system comes with either a manual ignition or automatic setting, plus its mobility makes it an excellent heat option for your space.

Invest in an Infrared Heating Unit

If you are looking for an efficient heating system for your garage, an infrared tubing device with low intensity is another great option. Notably, this is not the kind that glows red as that could potentially result in a fire.

This tube heater will radiate heat evenly throughout your space, unlike a forced-air system. However, its caveat is it will heat objects first and individuals later. You will feel comfy and toasty warm, but you must give it time.

Some say that this is like a forced-air unit in terms of installation, needing either LPG, gas, or electricity, but it is more complex to install. However, infrared offers so much more perks than forced air, like:

  • It is less noisy.
  • You will not be bothered by flying dust particles and debris.
  • It costs less to operate.
  • Unlike forced air with stratified heating, this gives uniform heat distribution.
  • Expect quick heat recovery, so if you open and close doors, heat is retained (remember it is effective in heating objects).

Incorporate Electric Ceiling Panels

Another efficient way to heat up your garage this winter is using a radiant electric ceiling panel. You can find these 1-inch-thick panels in your hardware and mount them in your ceiling. Be sure to measure the area properly to get the right size.

The benefit of this is heating up super-fast. In the same token, it cools down swiftly too. Additionally, if you need a stylish and functional-looking garage, this does a great job. These ceiling panels look amazing and will add to the nice ambiance of your garage.

Think of Mounting an Electric Heater

This device is much bigger than a portable space heater and will work well in larger areas. The wattage you buy will depend on the number of square feet you need to heat. This heater is a highly effective method of heating your garage this winter.

However, you will need to hard-wire this to your electrical supply. This is much easier to install than a forced-air unit, so if you feel comfortable with these kinds of projects, you can attempt a DIY. But if you feel unsure and uncertain, it is best to call in a professional for help.

The electrical wiring in your home is not something you should take chances with. A faulty execution can lead to a short circuit that can damage your things and even cause a fire. Unless you are super certain that you can execute this without any margin of error, it is better to call the pros, saving you time, stress, and energy.

Utilize a Portable and Movable Space Heater

Who does not love a portable space heater that can instantly heat any room at once? This mobile device works well for your garage, especially if you already have insulation. However, since this usually comes in small sizes, it may not perform an efficient job for bigger areas.

But you can try setting up two space heaters in different corners for more heat. You can use this portable device to augment an insufficient heat source in your garage, like a warm flooring system, on extra chilly days. Consider the following when shopping:

1. The Price

The price of this heater depends on the size and energy output you need for your space. It comes in a wide array of sizes and types to fit your budget. They are readily available for an in-store purchase or even online.

2. The Heat Output

You need to check the wattage. How much heat can the device provide? Do not rely on the visual size but check the numbers. Look for one that fits the size of your garage.

3. The Warranties

Make sure you buy a good brand with warranties. After all, you do not want to waste your money on a poorly built device that conks out. Consider all these aspects when shopping so you can get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Wood Burning or Coal Stove

A classic way of heating your garage this winter is using an old-school wood-burning or coal stove. Of course, you should do this with proper safety precautions, or you may end up with flying embers that can potentially burn your home. If you intend to do this, you must perform these safety measures:

  • Check local municipality for required permits.
  • Call your homeowner’s insurance to verify if installing the stove will not void your policy coverage.
  • Make sure the wood-burning or coal stove is installed properly.

This is something that you cannot DIY for your safety. Call a professional to install this properly, so your system is not a fire hazard. Above all, you must ascertain that it does not expose you to smoke, which can harm your lungs.

Call a Professional Garage Door Company for Advice

Suppose you feel uncertain about what to do with your garage. You must call a professional garage door company for the right advice. Our team at Coastal Garage Doors is happy to serve you so that we can ensure your garage space is well insulated for winter.

We can check to see if we can insulate your garage doors for added protection. Above all, we can give proper recommendations so you can implement effective solutions that do not decimate your wallet. Call our garage specialist team today or fill out this online form here for a free consultation.

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