How a Garage Door Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

//How a Garage Door Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is all about the first impression a viewer has when they look at your home. A curb appeal garage door can really make a bold design statement. When considering the look of your home – especially if you are about to put it on the market, your garage door should be one of the first improvements that you look at making.

With many homes in San Diego, California, the garage door dominates the ground level. If you have a single or double garage protruding from the street frontage of your house, realtors describe this as a ‘snout house’ because the protruding doors resemble a pig’s snout. It’s not a flattering description. Many San Diego homeowners are looking at ways of reconfiguring their home layout to replace the garage and therefore improve the look of their home.

Curb appeal garage door

Before you do anything as drastic, the experts at Coastal Garage Doors in San Diego, California, advise you to think again. Although a garage door can be an ugly slight on an otherwise beautiful house, a garage is an incredibly important space, and with new modern garage door designs, the garage door could be a feature improving the look of your home. Be proud of your garage and show it in it’s best light.

If you have an existing garage door that you like, it may be a job as simple as a lick of paint. If, however, you’re looking at a dented, rusted old door, then it’s time for an upgrade. Any cosmetic improvement to this key area is money well spent. Let’s look at some of the options when upgrading a garage door:


The easiest and most cost-efficient way to freshen up your garage door is to tidy it up and give it a lick of paint. It the door has any dents in it, then it’s important to get these out before you paint. This can be done with a length of wood and an elastic hammer, but it’s not a simple job. If you’re looking at a badly dented door, you may be best to leave it to a professional San Diego garage door repairman.

Before painting your door, prepare the surface with sandpaper and primer if necessary. Choose a color that is neutral and in keeping with the look of your house. You don’t want too bold of a color. Try a shade that blends in with the stonework of your house. Don’t match the color to your front door – the eye should be led to the front door as the main feature rather than the garage. Stick with a beige/brown palette matched to the lightest tone of your brickwork. Greys can also be great for a contemporary feel.


Sometimes, the repair job is a little more than a few dents. Broken garage door springs or retractors could even make the door dangerous and should be sorted out as soon as possible. Spare parts can be ordered online from reputable stores on the web, there is even the good chance that we have the parts you need at Coastal Garage Doors in San Diego, California. As before – if the job is more technical or involves motors and mechanicals, you may be best to call in a San Diego garage door repair company.

In aluminum doors, rust can be a problem and is not easily fixed. If the patch of rust is not too significant, it can sometimes be fixed with vinegar and a sander.

If the whole door is rusted, look instead to replace.

Curb appeal garage door

Replacing like-for-like

If you’re happy with the look of your current door, but it’s starting to look a little tired, it may simply be a case of replacing your current door like-for-like. San Diego Garage Doors has a wide selection of new garage doors to fit any size garage. The prices are good, and you’ll be dealing with local experts that can install for you. Sometimes replacing a garage door is all you need to boost the curb appeal of your house. Other times, it may be wise to look at an upgrade.

Wooden doors

Wooden garage doors add a touch of class to any house front. They are solid, lightweight and most importantly, they look great. A wooden door can be operated by an electric opener, or just hinged and ready to go. You’d be surprised what the addition of an attractive traditional wooden door to your garage can do for your house. Prices for wooden doors do tend to be more expensive than aluminum, but they are long lasting and have the added advantage of being impervious to rust.

Glass doors

Transparent doors make a great modern feature of your house front. Many newer homes are making the most of modern toughened Perspex and glass to allow light to flood from your home making a bold and attractive statement. The Avante collection allows 13 varying degrees of light transmission/privacy and comes in 7 standard frame colors. They create a wall of windows effect, adding a view to your living space. Insulated glass is available as an option for increased energy efficiency.

Curb appeal garage door

Latest technologies

In addition to these advances in glass technology, there are some exciting developments currently happening in garage door motor technology right now. The Liftmaster model 8550 operates from a battery which is constantly charged by house current. This means that even if your power goes out, the door motor will still operate. You can operate the door from a smartphone app which will also create a log of every time that the door is opened or closed – a great feature for your safety and security.

Garage Door Services in San Diego, California

A garage door is a huge deal. I hope that this blog has been useful in giving you some ideas about how you could improve the look of your garage. For a small amount of money, you could seriously transform the curb appeal of your home and make it more desirable. If you’d like more advice about garage door improvements, Coastal Garage Doors in San Diego are a great local company.

Our expert San Diego garage door repairman can advise you on garage door repairs or replacements and we work with domestic and commercial customers. Contact us or call 619 507 0140.

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