Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement │ Everything You Need to Know

//Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement │ Everything You Need to Know

Garage door spring repair is the most common service provided by garage door companies. The door spring helps to lift and lower the garage door smoothly every time you or another driver wants to enter or leave. Normal wear and tear, along with the effects of harsh weather, gradually weaken the metal spring. If the spring no longer performs efficiently, it may be repairable. If the spring breaks, you will need to replace it. You can probably tell whether the spring needs replaced or repaired by the way it sounds or behaves.

Garage Door Spring Repair

If the garage door installer gave you a timeline for how long the spring should last, ignore it. Garage door springs don’t have to be replaced frequently but the period of time they last depends on their frequency of use. You can never base the need to repair or replace your garage door spring on its age.

Which Do You Need? A Garage Door Spring Repair or Replacement

Which do you need

If you happen to be nearby when the spring breaks, you may hear the loud sound it makes. If you miss the sound, you won’t miss the heaviness of the  door the next time you try to open it. This is a sure sign that you have a broken garage door spring.

Homeowners often find the heaviness of their garage doors surprising. They may be several hundred pounds in weight and nearly impossible to budge without the help of the door spring. The best thing to do when the garage door doesn’t open and close smoothly or at all is to call a garage door repair service. A faulty garage door is more than a nuisance. It is a danger to your home, family, and belongings. As frustrating as it may be that your door no longer opens to provide you with safe and convenient passage into your home; it also makes it easier for burglars to gain access to everything that you hold dear.

If your door has started squeaking or making more noise opening and closing than usual, the springs may only require some lubricant to take care of the problem. This is a repair that you can do yourself. It also serves as a test to determine if that is the extent of the problem. If a little oil doesn’t fix the problem, call for a repair.

Springs that are out of balance will also make the garage door difficult to open and close. You need to have them refitted to make the garage door open and close more smoothly and also to prevent further damage to the door.

How a Torsion Spring Works

There are two types of springs used on garage doors: extension and torsion springs. Extension springs work by adding a counterbalance to the garage door to lower or lift it. Doors with extension springs also require safety cables to prevent them from falling on someone. Older doors with extension springs may not have safety cables attached. Even if you don’t need to replace the springs, you should have safety cables installed in addition to the repair for added safety.

The torsion spring, on the other hand, uses the tension of a wound metal spring to help lift and lower the door, preventing the motor from having to work as hard. As the door closes, the cables at the bottom corners pull down pulleys that are mounted to the torsion springs. When the pulleys turn the rod, the action causes the springs to unwind, creating the motion to help raise the door. These are the most common types of springs used in garage doors and the most common type of spring to break.

An Issue of Safety

Safety First

You should think seriously about the potential risks before you decide to do the repair or replacement job yourself. Simple jobs like adding lubrication to the springs or replacing dead transmitter batteries may be safe enough for the do-it-yourselfer but garage door spring repair is another matter. There are just too many things that can go seriously wrong. Besides, if you want to do the job yourself to save some money, you could easily end up spending more if you get the repair wrong the first time.

Cost of Garage Door Spring Repair VS Replacement

The cost of repairing the springs in your garage door averages between $100 and $200. If you must pay to replace broken springs, you will pay between $20 and $30 for the springs in addition to labor costs. The cost of paying a professional to repair or replace your garage door springs should be affordable enough to prevent you from risking your safety to try and do it yourself.

Hiring a Professional for your Garage Door Spring Repair 

Professional Garage Door Repair Man

A professional garage door company will take the risk out of garage door spring repair. They know how to get the job done right the first time and avoid costly mistakes. A professional also knows how to assess the condition of the door springs and spot any other problems. They can determine whether repairing or replacing the springs is the right choice for a long-term solution.

Not only should you rely on a professional garage door repair service for the project, but also one that is local. You want a company who is known in your community that you can trust with this repair and any that you may need in the future. You need the confidence that your garage door is in good working order and that you can call for dependable service the next time something goes wrong.

Your garage door provides a convenient, safe entry into your home for you and your family. It prevents you from being exposed to cold, wet weather and any other external threats. The garage door is also a secure barrier that keeps intruders out. When the springs that make your garage door operate are no longer working, there is no time to lose.

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