Garage Door Landscaping Inspiration

//Garage Door Landscaping Inspiration

Garage Landscaping

The positioning of the garage in your home determines how much the garage doors add or take away from its curb appeal. Garage landscaping is a simple way to make the most of your garage and improve the look of the entire home. Instead of ignoring this functional part of your home, put a little effort into making the most of this essential entryway.

Attached garages have entries from the front or side and occasionally from the back. The most common designs open to the street in front. Those garages that extend forward from the rest of the structure demand the most attention. Their positioning makes them the most visible part of the entire house.

Start with the Garage Door

Look at your garage door and evaluate its style and condition. Is it in good condition or does it have chipped paint, broken glass, or other signs of age? Not only does your garage door go a long way towards enhancing the appearance of your entire home, a good quality door helps keep you and your home safe and secure.

If your garage has double doors, that’s twice the space that needs your attention. A set of double garage doors could easily take up one-third to one-half of the entire front area of the house. That much space is going to make an impression on onlookers. It’s up to you whether the impression it makes is a good one or not.

If you need a new residential garage door, pick one that matches the style of your home. The right style provides the level of energy-efficiency needed for your home. It also brings the materials and trims used on the entire home together into a cohesive look.

The style and color of some garage doors diminish their appearance while others really grab your attention. Decide on which effect you want. If your existing door just needs a coat of paint, the choice is simpler. Paint it the same color that it is now or the same shade as the rest of the house to make it less intrusive. To make it stand out more, consider a bright, bold hue that complements the rest of your home without blending in.

The Use of Light in Garage Landscaping

Garages are a big convenience for the people who live in the home. They also serve as convenient entries for burglars who want to get inside. The use of light in your garage landscaping project improves the aesthetic appearance of the garage as well as your safety.

Installing lights over the top of the garage door gives the garage a stylish, sleek appearance. Motion sensor lights that turn on in response to movement serve a dual purpose. When someone approaches your garage at night, the lights come on to alert you of their presence. They also provide safe coverage for you when entering or exiting the garage at night.

Lighting along the driveway will also work to suit both purposes, but don’t stop there. Accent lights used to spotlight plants or architectural features give instant glamour to your garage. To make your use of light more energy-efficient, check out the availability of solar lighting. It provides the lighting you need without adding to your energy bill.

Choose the Right Plants

Plants are great for minimizing features you don’t want to take center stage. They also help draw attention to the areas that you want to stand out more. The trick to creating the illusion that you want is to know the best plants for impact all year long.

Using trees in your garage landscaping takes special care. You want to stick with those species that won’t grow to a size where they can cause problems. Large tree species can hide the house, give burglars a place to hide, or even cause damage to your pipes or driveway. Find out the maximum growth of a tree before you plant.

Also, avoid using seasonal plants that only have color or bloom during certain seasons of the year. Nothing ruins the appearance of a home faster than drab looking plants that don’t look vibrant for half the year. Stick with foundation plants that look nice along the base of your home but don’t block entryways.

Finally, choose plants that require little to no maintenance. No matter how enthused you are about creating a more attractive garage, you aren’t going to give your garage landscaping the attention some plants demand once the weather turns cold. To help, install an automatic irrigation system to keep your lawn and plants green and lush.

Some plants that look great year round with little maintenance include:

  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Lilies
  • Shasta Daisies
  • Boxwood
  • Native Plants like Matilija Poppy

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Pay Attention to Roof and Gutters

The newest, most stylish garage door and well-cared-for lawns lose their appeal with a damaged roof and aging gutters. These areas of the home serve as a frame for the area of your home with the garage door.

Harsh winter weather and the growth of algae or moss can cause damage. These home features also have a lifespan. Failing to maintain and/or replace the roof or gutters when needed causes damage to the exterior of your home.

Clogged gutters can also cause water to overflow and saturate the foundation. This could result in large-scale damage that can’t be fixed as easily or cheaply as simply providing periodic maintenance as needed.

Address the Walkways

Broken, cracked pavement, missing or damaged bricks, or rotten wood trim all take away from your efforts at garage landscaping. The path to the garage should be just as attractive as the main event. Consider putting a curve in the drive or at least adding some texture with plants or contrast materials to add interest.

Placing topiary or large potted plants to either side of the garage door adds to the framing effect. You can also add plants along either or both edges. A hedge or row of rose bushes along one side with the other side left open gives more definition to the drive while also giving you more privacy from the neighbors on that side.

Choosing the right garage door and keeping it maintained will help make any garage an attractive focal point. Garage landscaping adds to the aesthetic appeal and makes your garage door a more cohesive part of your home’s style.

Garage Door Services in San Diego

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