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Garage Door Sizes and Options

Vehicles have changed through the years, growing in size and capability. Garage door sizes have also changed to provide the larger space needed for the average car. Older homes tend to have smaller garage doors that don't fit the modern definition of ‘standard.' Of course, modern homes also have a variety of door sizes. Before [...]

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Garage Door Bottom Seal Replacement

Many of the repairs and maintenance steps to restore garage doors in San Diego are best left to the professionals. However, replacing the garage door bottom seal is one thing you can do yourself. Replacing rotted trim and renewing a rusty track are fairly easy DIY projects that help make your garage more energy-efficient. For [...]

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DIY Garage Door Screen

These days a garage is more than a bedroom for your car. A garage door screen can turn it into a whole new world. Your garage can be your machine shop, a man cave, a studio apartment or just a place to retreat from the world. If you want to sit in total darkness, or [...]

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Garage Door Landscaping Inspiration

The positioning of the garage in your home determines how much the garage doors add or take away from its curb appeal. Garage landscaping is a simple way to make the most of your garage and improve the look of the entire home. Instead of ignoring this functional part of your home, put a little [...]

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Cheap Garage Doors For Sale in San Diego

When you are looking for cheap garage doors for sale in San Diego, it is important to understand, there are a number of factors that go into determining the cost. There are plenty of reasons you may be on the hunt for a new door for your garage, so knowing how to find a budget-friendly [...]

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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Guide (2024)

Most people rarely think about their garage door torsion springs, if ever. However, these springs don't last forever, so you'll need an experienced torsion spring repair company to fix them for you. Of course, you could attempt to complete this task yourself but you are much better off entrusting this work to a professional. Here's what [...]

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