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Commercial Garage Doors – Non-Insulated Sectional

Premium-duty 20 guage and heavy-duty 24 gauge steel non-insulated doors offer long lasting dependability and enduring quality that will meet the rigors of daily use.

25 gauge non-insulated steel doors are an alternative for applications requiring economy and reliability in a lighter gauge commercial door.

Model Thickness Steel Gauge Panel Design
520 2″ 25 gauge Ribbed steel
524 2″ 24 gauge Ribbed steel
664 2 1/8″ 24 gauge Raised panel steel
525 2″ 20 gauge Ribbed steel

Ribbed Steel

Break-Away bottomBreak-Away Bottom Section

A break-away bottom section is an important safety feature for commercial doors installed in high-traffic loading areas. If the door is accidentally struck by a forklift or another piece of heavy equipment, the section gives way and can be reset in seconds, eliminating downtime and costly repair calls, as well as reducing the risk of operator injury and structural damage to the building.

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