How to Select the Best San Diego Garage Door Company in 2017

//How to Select the Best San Diego Garage Door Company in 2017

A garage door adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house, offers easy refuge in inclement weather, and provides a secure barrier between what’s in your home and the outside world. Choosing the right garage door starts with finding the best garage door company that you can trust.

Factors That Make a Garage Door Company Trustworthy


The average person knows two things about their garage door; when it works, and when it doesn’t. After that, it’s up to the garage door company to tell you what the problem is and the best solution for correcting it. The difference between repairing the existing door and replacing it with a new one could mean spending hundreds more than you have to. Of course, if the door is really old, it may also be unsightly and inefficient. Your goal is to find a San Diego garage door company with the knowledge to make the right call and the honesty to give you the best guidance.

Some of the most common garage door repairs involve the door spring and the cables. These repairs average between $150 and $200. Buying and installing a new garage door costs more than $1,000 on average. An honest company will tell you upfront what they think the best option is for you. A new door might be the right choice for you, even if your current door works fine. If your existing garage door is in good shape, a repair may be the best fit for your budget.  Finding a company that offers both repairs and replacements will make it easier to get the right solution for your specific situation.

Advantages of Buying from a Boutique Garage Door Company


Some of us love the experience of heading off to the local home improvement store to buy the supplies needed for a do-it-yourself project. The problem with buying your next garage door there is that you don’t get the selection or the service that you will from a dedicated garage door company. The smaller the store, the more likely they are to have a few doors lying around that are already a few years old.

Another problem is that many don’t offer installation. Those that do rely on local workers that are independent of the store. There is no way to know what quality of door or work to expect. Most importantly, you have to way of knowing whether a simple repair might be all that was needed.

A boutique garage door company specializes in garage door sales, repairs, and installations. They offer personalized service and employ the most qualified workers for the best possible installation process. A boutique San Diego garage door company is familiar with the conditions in the area. They know what you are up against when choosing a garage door that will perform in normal San Diego temperatures. They focus on giving each customer the attention to detail that they need from the planning process to the final installation.

Do Your Research Online

Online Research

Start your research by looking at the company’s website. They should offer a great deal of information about their products and practices. Testimonials and reviews from other customers will also provide information about how efficiently the company works and whether they live up to their promises. Some details to check for include:

  • Quality Products – A new garage door is an investment into your home. Make sure you will get a top quality product that will last for many years.
  • Service – What kind of services do they offer? It is just as important to get a quality installation as it is to get a dependable repair service.
  • Location – A San Diego garage door company is familiar with the area and locally available if things go wrong down the road.
  • Insured – Find a company that is insured in case of damage or injuries during the installation process.
  • Dependability – Your garage door is important to you and your entire family’s safety and comfort. Make sure the company offers timely installs that don’t leave you waiting for a new door.
  • Experience – Experience is the most important thing any service provider can offer. Make sure that the crew that will work on your garage door or provide you with a new installation has the experience to deliver quality results.
  • Free Repair Estimates – Most home owners have a budget. A free estimate tells you what to expect and the best way to use your money wisely. If a repair estimate is too high, you may be better off to buy a new door.
  • Positive Feedback – People leave reviews when they are especially pleased or disappointed with their service. The best way to use feedback is to ignore the best and worst review. This leaves you with the honest opinion of real customers who have used the company’s services.

Look for a San Diego Garage Door Company with a Lot of Options

The right garage door company will offer a broad selection of garage doors. Their inventory should include a wide range of styles in different materials to match the decor of any type of house. They should also offer modern doors that increase energy-efficiency. Too often, home owners overlook the garage door when considering energy-saving options. Like any door that leads into and out of your home, the garage door should help keep the weather out and the treated air inside.

Some home owners make the mistake of believing that an insulated garage door isn’t necessary in a warmer climate like that in San Diego. It’s true; many people in colder climates use insulated doors to keep the cold out and save money on heating bills. It is also true that the same insulation will keep hot summer heat out of the home and keep your cooled air inside where you need it.

You shouldn’t have to make the choice between the right style of garage door and one that uses the newest energy-saving technology.

New Choices in Garage Door Materials

San Diego Garage Door Company

There was a time when garage doors were wood. Today, new materials offer more versatility in style and greater durability. Some even come with wood grain surfaces that have the natural beauty of wood without the problems that come with the real thing.

A dedicated garage door company will offer a greater variety of doors featuring today’s versatile materials.  An aluminum garage door might be the perfect finishing touch to your modern home. Maybe the increasingly popular carriage-house doors will complement your house design. Do you like the look of classic wood but want a more durable material? A good garage door company will offer options for these doors and a lot more.

The right San Diego garage door company will help you make a choice that you will feel good about long after the repair or installation is done. Contact Coastal Garage Doors to get your free estimate and honest quote today. We offer boutique garage door services for the best garage door buying or repair experience.

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